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Tyler Hauth is the author and editor of award winning fiction published across the world in print and online. Some of his favorite stories are available here for free, including The Last Cherokee (as seen in The Arkansas Review), The Malice (as seen in The Horror Zine Magazine's Summer 2020 print publication), the Faustian legend known as The Storm Seller, and other lesser known stories such as Summer Boy and his nationally recognized piece, The Man With the Golden Pocket Watch.

Tyler teaches writing at Emerson College, owns a bookstore, and is the editor-in-chief at Book Forge Press, where he also edits the horror anthology American Dread. He's accepts a few freelance projects every year which include ghostwriting, traditional editing, and copywriting. 

The Malice cover.jpg


There’s a monster in the woods that surround the little city of Dent that grinds its teeth on young white bones and craves boy flesh. When Michael decides to penetrate the dense Ozark Mountain’s with his dog, Gus, he’s determined to uncover the truth about what’s been feasting on the city since long before his great grandpa moved there. What he discovers makes the Lovecraftian horror tales he reads in secret look like Dr. Seuss chapter books.

The Storm Seller

Described by one editor as "wickedly Faustian" and "chilling," The Storm Seller is a tale of magical realism and horror; the result is a picture of two boys that sacrifice more than they could ever know to spend a single day together in the sun. 

Image by Casey Horner
Summer Boy

Summer Boy is a short story of a boy who wants to get the most out of his last day of summer vacation--even if that means breaking the rules and going to the lake alone. 

Image by Zoltan Tasi
The man who winds the watch

When the ticking of his pocket watch begins to drive him mad, Jim's wife and young son are in mortal danger. Will the evil he inherited from his father win out and pass on to his innocent son, or will Jim be able to defeat the madness that's knocking at his mind?

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