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A note on accusations of fraud in the United State's 2020 Presidential Election

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

I think it should be said that claims of fraud in the presidential election should be taken extremely seriously. The only proper response to these claims is to address them and evaluate their veracity as best we possibly can. We should wait patiently for proof, in other words. CNN / Co. making a mockery of it and lambasting Trump for making the claim is a HUGE mistake on their part and completely awful journalism.

If someone makes an extremely serious claim, we politely invite them to provide us with extremely serious evidence. That is the only thing we can do. And we wait, patiently, for them to provide that evidence. We don't mock them and call them a liar before they've had a chance to make their case. And let's be honest, making this case and providing this evidence would take weeks or months, not hours / days.

It seems completely naïve to think that an election COULDN'T be rigged. And so if you recognize there are tremendously powerful organizations (on both sides) who would be willing to cheat to get their way, then you have to take the claim that fraudulent behavior has happened seriously. Because it IS possible. Surely we can all agree that it's technically feasible?

I don't hear CNN/other media stations which are biased toward democrats inviting Trump and his administration to present their evidence. That makes me sad. It's the job of the press and especially of journalists as high ranking as they are to investigate and report, not to make decisions / give opinions without giving everyone a chance to lay out their case.

It seems very unlikely to me that there was any massive voter fraud that took place in this election. I haven't seen any substantial evidence that there has, at least. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist--it doesn't mean that it's not possible--and it doesn't mean we shouldn't hold our breath, at least for a while, to make sure that it hasn't.

Because if it has, we would all want to know, I'm sure. And if it hasn't, then the very best way to prove it's a legitimate election beyond a shadow of a doubt is to make sure you've offered a platform to receive, evaluate, and judge all the evidence that may exist as fairly and logically as possible.

CNN and NBC (the two stations I watched while Trump spoke) have failed utterly and totally to provide the American people with that service. And they should be ashamed. It will keep us divided longer, and more firmly, than if they had done the right thing. It is a mistake.

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