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Policemen in America are on average more than 4 times more violent than their neighbors: BIG PROBLEM

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

It's hard to make sense of the wealth of information being pushed at us these days--from mainstream news media, to social media, to seemingly official data sources that sometimes share information which differs wildly--so I've combed through the dense array of "police data" recently and found some interesting figures for us to consider in the wake of George Floyd (and many others) unjust murders at the hands of police. I'll share facts below, with sources, and do my best to draw conclusions only based on these facts.

Let’s start with one that I’ve seen almost no one deny. An innocent man was murdered in cold blood, in broad daylight, and the cop who did it had a long history of being abusive and violent (imagine working in any profession in America and having 18 complaints filed against you from your clients for being violent and abusive and still having your job—you can’t, because that’s literally impossible unless you’re a police officer). And that's outrageous.

It’s also a fact that George Floyd’s death is one out of hundreds in his community from the hands of policemen supposed to be protecting and defending them. This is not even the first time this year an unarmed, defenseless man was murdered by policemen while completely at their mercy and posing no threat to them. Something you’ll have heard a lot now is that the black community specifically has been affected by police violence and brutality more than any other community. They’ve clearly stated they’re being murdered, abused, and violated on a daily basis. And that they are not safe in their own home. They are not even safe while they’re out for a jog. They are not even safe while they are standing outside of a convenience store. They are not even safe while they are walking down the street and eating skittles. They are not even safe while they are playing in the park.

Is this true? Are policemen disproportionately killing black men and women? Are they strangely and excessively violent to black men and women? Yes. They are.

Full stop. This is a fact. I asked this question, and looked up the data, and found this to be a true statement and not something that can be debated by sane or logical minds. Black men and women in this country are 3 times more likely to die at the hands of police than white men and women. (, which is where this graph came from, is a great place to read more about this, specifically).

What we have seen, and can prove with hard data, then, is that policemen are indeed killing black men and women at dramatically higher levels than any other group of people. This is not some trick or hoax of the media: twitter, facebook, CNN, Fox News – none of them are trying to push a false narrative to divide people or get them upset. This is a 100% hard fact, and it should be deeply troubling to you no matter where you live or what color your skin is. Because policemen in the United States killed 1100 people in 2019. Policemen in the United Kingdom killed 3. Policemen in Tokyo killed 2. In Australia, they killed 4. That’s three in a place very similar to our own. Compared to 1100. Is the United Kingdom smaller than the United States? Yes – around 5 times smaller. In case you’re criminally insane, I’ll do the math for you. That means, adjusted, that we should have had 15 deaths in the United States at the hands of the police, assuming our police are similarly competent and capable. Not 1100. But 15. Our police force is 77 times (7,700%) more violent than another Western country (or 144 times / 14,400% than Japan). How can that be? Are Americans massive pieces of shit? 7700% more shitty than the United Kingdom? 14,400% more shitty than Japan? Are our streets such untamed places of raw violence that our police are forced to be 7700% or 14,400% more violent just to keep themselves from being killed? Just to keep our cities from being burned to the ground? Just to enforce the law in such a dangerous and awful place such as the streets of New York or Portland? I don't think I need a source to prove that's not the case. So, then. Our policeman are egregiously more violent than other western countries police. And they are pointing that violence toward a community which has a long history of being abused and oppressed in our country. They have murdered multiple unarmed black men who were defenseless, in broad daylight, ON LIVE VIDEO, just during the last 12 months. And they regularly are not convicted of murder in cases like these. Are “all cops bad”? Is there a root problem with the way we train, hire, and educate our policemen in the United States? Are violent and abusive people drawn to the profession? That’s harder to answer – but there is evidence to say that’s actually the case. The truth is that policemen are dramatically more violent in their private and personal lives than any other group of people in the country. And this is where we come to the end of the road when it comes to any kind of rational and logical conversation that doesn't involve dramatic and wholesale reform of the entire institution. Because we have proof -- a wealth of proof -- that illustrates there is an objective problem and a genuine moral exigence which must be addressed and answered. Immediately. Not next year. But immediately.

Let's not forget that I'm operating soley based on facts. As many as 40% of policemen abuse their wives and families. (

This is a study we should read before we say, "It's just a few cops who are bad." Or before we blame the victims and say, “the neighborhoods that are predominately black are more violent than the ones that are predominately white, and that’s why there are more shootings there.” It seems like, in fact, that there are a huge majority of policemen that have histories of being violent - probably well over half of them - and that many of the others, who perhaps are not violent in their own homes, are okay with their friends being violent and will defend them if given the chance. Men and women that are supposed to be coming to the call of their coworkers families are actually DEFENDING AND HIDING the spouses that are abusing them. Men and women that are supposed to be cuffing and jailing heinous murderers are standing around in the street / sitting on victims legs while they are actually murdered. Was it just one man that murdered George Floyd? Two? Three? Four? Are there more officers to blame? The Chief for allowing a man with 18 complaints against him to continue enforcing the law? HR for helping to sweep complaints under the rug? Are 5 men responsible for George Floyd’s death? 6? Perhaps even 7?

"Two studies have found that at least 40% of police-officer-families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of families in the general population. A third study of older and more experienced officers found a rate of 24%, indicating that domestic violence is 2-4 times more common among police families than American families in general. A police department that has domestic violence offenders among its ranks will not effectively serve and protect victims in the community. Moreover, when officers know of domestic violence committed by their colleagues and seek to protect them by covering it up, they expose the department to civil liability."

Policemen are up to 4 times more violent TO THEIR OWN FAMILIES than other portions of the population.

Policemen are killing black and brown women in this country at a rate of 3x more often than white.

Policemen are allowed to continue working after receiving nearly 20 complaints from the community they are supposed to be serving that they are violent and abusive.

Policemen in the United States killed 1100 people in 2019, compared to 3 in the United Kingdom, or 2 in Japan, or 4 in Australia. We have a serious problem in this Country.

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